Class of 1967 Alumni Charlie Read, writes to us the following:

My wife and I are researching my paternal family history and she is writing a pamphlet that will tell our family history from 1715 to the present.  It is entitled The Read Family History, from London to Little Falls.  Rather than just a bunch of graphics and family tree schematics, we want to be able to tell a story about various family members.  With this, we have come upon a need to find the 1924 LFHS yearbook to see if it has information on James Monroe Read.  He could have been a sophomore or junior in the 1923-1924 school.  We have found that he appears in the HS orchestra group pic in 1923 . However, he is not in the 1925 or 1926 yearbook making the 1924 yearbook is crucial to our search.  There are two things we are looking for:

1.  Is James Read shown in the group picture of the Junior Class?

2.  Is James Read shown in the group picture of the orchestra.

If someone has one for sale, we would buy it, do our research and then donate it to the LF Historical Society.  If someone has a copy and they don’t want to sell it, perhaps we could arrange for a family member to look at it.

If any one can help direct our search in any way I would greatly appreciate it.

Charlie Read
800 Hartington Ct.
Franklin, TN 37064