Class of 1966 Celebrates Their 50th Reunion!

submitted by Kandy Love
What a great weekend in Little Falls for our Class of 1966, Sept. 16-18, 2016!
The Organizing Team of Kandy Love, Ron Markwart, Heather Miller Dawes, Phil Scarano, Rick Zilkowski, Donna Perry and Marie Rockwell Florian created three successful events: Friday evening’s Social Gathering at the American Legion, Saturday morning’s Tour of Benton Hall, and Saturdayevening’s Banquet at Bella Vista.
Friday night – 35 classmates and spouses reminisced for more than 3 hours at the American Legion.  We enjoyed delicious Italian food from the Italian Feast restaurant, owned by Eddie Becker, son of Eddie and Karen (Colangelo) Becker.  The fruit platter was provided by Heather and a celebration cake from White Rose Bakery was donated by Donna Perry.  Our surprise guests were Coach Maynard Blask and Hector and Shirley Allen.  That is, Coach Blask and Mr. Allen — yes, we still called them by their titles.  Somehow first names just didn’t feel respectful even after all these years!  Ron Markwart tried to get everyone to sing along to some oldies, but everyone was too engaged with getting reacquainted and checking out the memory lane display. This included the tribute to our classmates who have passed, old uniforms, yearbooks and scrapbook.  Turns out it was also Heather’s birthday – so the celebration included candles and cake and birthday song.
Attendees: Heather Dawes and Rusty Hampton, Donna Perry, Marie (Rockwell) Florian, Ron Markwart, Phil and Marchell Scarano, John Scarano, Linda (Munger) and Greg Maida, John and Lori Ribnikar, Rex and Patti Thompson, Paulette and Salvi Ferraro, Fred Lenarcic, Rodney St. Louis, Teresa Cool, Peter and Peggy Romano, Larry and Jean Sekel, Nancy Timmerman, Rick and Judy Zilkowski,  (Ferne) Elizabeth (Baker) and Gary Creasy, Kandy Love, Dan Ruffo and Carol Brown, Marie (Rotundi) and David Mersher, Mary (Laubenstein) and Bob Shea
Saturday morning – Six classmates toured Benton Hall with Business Manager, Clete McLaughlin, as the knowledgeable and fun guide.  Those who toured were Heather, Larry, Kandy, Mary and husband Bob, and Terri.  What is amazing is that even though the buildings were gutted, the renovation plan included keeping many artifacts from our original building.  These include the oak frame trophy cases that are still in the main entrance hallway, the original auditorium seats (which had been sent back to the company who had made them for refurbishing…the iron foundation and wood arms are the same, the velvet soft seats are new) and the staircases still have the original slate steps.
Also Saturday afternoon – We would be negligent to leave out mention of the South Side Reunion at the Little Falls Marina. Many of our classmates were there: Russ Green, Frank Lamana, Bernie Marocco, Marie Raiello, Phil Spine, Sergio Marocco, Paulette and Salvi Ferraro and Teresa Cool.
Saturday night – 35 classmates and spouses enjoyed a delicious banquet at the Bella Vista.  Heather and Kandy re-created the memory lane display from Friday evening, so everyone could continue reminiscing and did we look good for people who are 67, 68, 69!  John Scarano and Larry Sekel shared fun oldie stories with us.  We honored the 10 classmates who were in the armed forces.  There were several awards: Longest in the Armed Forces – Retired Colonel Rex Thompson (33 years), next was Chuck Slabe (25 years); Most Grandchildren – Debbie Gressler Manley (17); Longest Married – Carol and Chuck Slabe, Rick and Judy Zillkowski and Marie (Rockwell) Florian (49); Farthest Travel to Reunion – Paul Malek (Colorado) and (Ferne) Elizabeth (Texas); and Youngest in the Class – Linda Munger Maida (she had skipped two grades to graduate with us).  And!  Much to our surprise and delight, we actually sang the Alma Mater together!  The evening ended with a group photo in front of the old fireplace and talk of another reunion in 5 years.
(All original last names) 1st row--Huxtable, Love, Rockwell, Miller, Perry, Munger and Baker 2nd row--Restante, Laubenstein, J. Scarano, Thorne, Adasek, Gressler, Casullo, Markwardt and Ribnikar 3rd row--Romano, Zilkowski, Vallecorsa, Gregorka, Slabe, P. Scarano, Thompson, Malek and Sekel

(All original last names) 1st row–Huxtable, Love, Rockwell, Miller, Perry, Munger and Baker
2nd row–Restante, Laubenstein, J. Scarano, Thorne, Adasek, Gressler, Casullo, Markwardt and Ribnikar
3rd row–Romano, Zilkowski, Vallecorsa, Gregorka, Slabe, P. Scarano, Thompson, Malek and Sekel




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