August 11, 2012 The Class of 1972 held it’s 40th reunion at the Piccolo Caf? in Little Falls on Saturday of Canal Days Week. The reunion was a casual affair with a brunch and ample time to chat, share, compare and laugh about old times and good times to come. We remembered the 12 classmates that we have lost over the 40 years. Approximately 50 alumni and significant others attended the August 11, 2012 event. Everyone enjoyed the casual atmosphere and agreed that the timing and the format was a hit. Thanks to generous donations we are able to continue funding the scholarship in memory of the classmates of 1972. Each year a graduating senior is chosen by Little Falls High School to receive our modest award. Any class members who would like to donate can contact Kathy Sterzinar Mocko.

Overheard at the reunion; “I am so hot”, “Remember how we all had crushes on Terry in sixth grade”, “The school looks totally different”, “Remember Jefferson Street school? It’s gone now!”, “Look at this picture of my granddaughter, I can Face Time with her!”;”How can I take a picture with this phone?”, “I came back to Little Falls to empty the house after my parents passed away”, “Remember playing in the band?”, “My nephew is getting married this afternoon!”, “Sure, I remember you. You haven’t changed!”, “I want to move back to Little Falls”.

Based on the popularity of this casual brunch, we will likely do something similar for our 45th reunion in 2017.    We hope to see more people then!