Last month we announced Astenrogen Chapter Daughters of the America Revolution Good Citizen Award Chairman, Elizabeth Goebel Mosher’s on-going search for past Good Citizen Award winners for the following years: 1941, 1944 and 1971.  Winners of these three years are still missing.  If you are or know a winner or someone who graduated in any of these years, please send any known information to  The award may have been given to the class valedictorian or salutatorian, but not necessarily.

This month, we wanted to share the current list of known winners which has been researched to date.  The LFHS Alumni Network would like to thank Elizabeth for her work on compiling this list as well as re-congratulate all of the past winners!

Astenrogen Chapter Good Citizenship Pilgrimage Winners

1939            Anna Pocentyluk

1940            Jean Hamilton


1942            Natalie Dussault

1943            Jeanne Edick


1945            Catherine E. Kovac

Marilyn J. Schiemer

1946            Phyllis C. Everson

1947            Mary Ellen Nordgren

1948            Victoria Baldino

1949            Norma E. Miller

1950            Lauretta Biasi

1951             Ann Pauline Reardon

Astenrogen Chapter Good Citizen Winners

1952            Carol G. Roa

1953            I. Joyce Tucci

1954            Barbara Noreen Steele LF

Ada Gould WCV

1955            Barbara Stacey Simpson

1956            Sue Conrad LF

Patricia A. Grzanowicz WCV

1957            Judith L. Casadonte LF

Beverly Kaczeroski WCV

1958           Kathleen Sandra DeLorenzo

1959           Beverly Ann Boepple LF

Mary Ann Pribis WCV

1960           Diane D. Robinson LF

Kathleen Smith WCV

1961            Kristin Elizabeth Lyons LF

Barbara Sohnn WCV

1962           Martha Jean Horton

1963           Ann Marie Spraker LF

Arlene Marshall WCV

1964           Lynn Schrader

1965           Anne Barbara Krueger

1966           Lynne Anne Baum

American History Prize  

Patricia Frazier & Paul Malek

1967          Mary Jo Agati

1968          A. Suzanne Malavasic

1969          Barbara A. Noble

1970          Kathleen F.  Stock LF

Delia Marie Maine WCV


1972          Mary Kim Bielejec LF

Maria Barnes WCV

1973           Pamela Marie Smith

1974           Cynthia Ann McCaw

American History Prize

Sharon Gay $10

1975           Linda Jean Munk

1976           Shawn P. O’Neil

1977           Colleen Cecelia Canorro

1978           Diane L. Douglas

Award for Patriotism

Joan Elizabeth Willman

1979           Florence A. “Lori” Zang

1980          John Cutspec

1981          Mary Elizabeth Snyder

1982          Steven Gary Mizerak

1983          Maureen Anne Baum

1984          Cheryl Lynn Scanlon

1985          Kevin Michael Connolly

1986          Mary Ann Kapala

1987          Catherine F. Colonnese

1988          Wendy Katherine Vogt

1989          Laura J. Megan

1990          Ian Carlton McKenney

1991           Leslie Andree Hanna

Megan Leigh Andresen

1992          Jeffrey Edward Battisti

DAR History Award in honor of Hector Allen

Andrew C. Fogarty

1993          Larry Thomas Decker

1994          Harrison J. Hummel IV

1995          Jana Springer Behe

1996          Samuel James Salamone

1997          Jeffrey Karl Krutz

1998          Jennifer Lin Armstrong

1999          Diana Marie Kaufman

2000         Jeffrey Michael Aulisi

2001          David F. Armstrong

2002          Kristina M. Gehring

2003          Laurel J. Casillo

2004          Katie Lynn Read                            District V winner

2005          Monica Lynn Vielkind

2006          Ann F. Schoff                                  District V winner

2007           Leisha Marie Majtan

2008           Natalie Fay Chlus                           District V winner

2009           Graham S. Rogers

2010            Nathan F. Sammons

2011             Aaron William Yallowitz

2012            Danielle Leigh Petkovsek

2013            Kimberly Ann Aney

2014            Genevieve Schoff

2015            Keegan John Connolly

2016            Andrew D. Mucica

2017            June Kathleen Baylor

2018            Cassie Renee Tinkler

2019            Geena K. Morotti

2020            Richard James Baylor

2021             Caileigh M. Barnett

2022            Natalie Nolan

2023            Abigail Becker