The Little Falls Historical Society is planning a Vietnam War exhibit for the 2018 season. The primary focus of the exhibit will be to honor the service of Little Falls veterans who served their country in that war. The Historical Society intends to both construct a physical museum exhibit and also compile a journal of stories and recollections of Vietnam veterans and their families.

 An unknown number of Little Falls residents served in the Vietnam War between the early 1960’s and 1973 when America’s involvement ended. Two Little Falls residents were killed in action in the war and a number of others were wounded.

 This is a big undertaking and the Historical Society is asking the general public for assistance as we have few Vietnam War artifacts in our museum collection and more are needed for exhibit purposes. Anyone willing to loan military uniforms, medals or other artifacts or memorabilia related to the Vietnam War for the 2018 season is urged to contact Jeffrey Gressler at 823-2799, Scott Kinville at 868-1051 or Louis Baum at 867-3527.

Additionally, any military veterans or family members of those who served who are willing to be interviewed for the purpose of developing a Vietnam War journal should also contact any of these three individuals.

 The officers and board of directors of the Little Falls Historical Society wish to thank the general public in advance for whatever aid and assistance that is provided in our efforts to tell this important community story.