4134f5f9bf5bde1857a0a5125a6d8a8eWe are pleased to announce that The Little Falls High School Alumni Network has joined forces with The Little Falls Historical Society (www.lfhistoricalsociety.com) to mutually benefit both organizations and their members.

To facilitate this informal merger, the Historical Society, located on Ann St. in Little Falls, has carved out a space in their historic building to be designated as the official home of the LFHS Alumni Network CenterThe area will have a cubical with a computer dedicated to LFHS Alumni.  Current members of the network or prospective alumni members will have the ability to visit the alumni website to research classmates or register personally.

The Little Falls Historical Society has been a very active organization in our community and has grown and prospered with the efforts of its membership, Board of Directors and many active volunteers.  The Historical Society has played a vital role in the community to not only house and preserve critical artifacts from our historic past, but also to serve as a nucleus for Little Falls residents and visitors to come and learn about our community.   It is not uncommon to find people coming to this unique historic building to renew their passion for LF and to rekindle relationships with old friends from their past.  Many who have left Little Falls often come to the museum to explore their past and their heritage.

The Historical Society is also embarking on a program with the Little Falls City School District to develop curriculums which will educate students about the history of Little Falls.  The goal is to encourage students to become involved in our community as volunteers and to utilize the strength and critical mass of the alumni organization to assist them in their careers while continuing to make Little Falls the community so many have loved and cherished.

You can help support and sustain the Museum and Historical Society through an individual membership or corporate sponsorship.  Your contributions will also help to properly archive the many artifacts received from people who are entrusting their valuable part of history with this organization so that they can be displayed for others to see and appreciate.

We encourage all LFHS Alumni to make a donation and become a member of the Little Falls Historical Society (Membership Form) and ask that your family and friends do the same so we can continue to preserve the relationships and history of our great town.


The Historical Society and “Alumni Network Center” will be open the following hours during the Canal Days Celebration:

Wednesday, August 10 – 12PM-7PM

Thursday, August 11 – 9AM-7PM

Friday, August 12 – 9AM – 7PM

Saturday, August 13 – 9AM – 7PM?

For more information, please visit: