Teachers Honored

The Little Falls Historical Society proudly announced last month that an anonymous former student of the Little Falls teacher Miss Helen Dunteman has generously gifted the Historical Society a very sizable donation in that teacher’s name. The donor feels quite strongly that Miss Dunteman was an outstanding teacher who really made a difference in her / his life.

Helen was both a lifelong Little Falls resident and a graduate of Oneonta State Normal School. She passed away in 1984.

This is the third Little Falls teacher who has been recognized in recent years by the Historical Society.  Their 2020 writing series was dedicated to Harold Templeman and their 2021 writing series is dedicated to Hector Allen. There is also a plaque outside the museum recognizing Ralph Van Horn (another former LFHS teacher) for his Herculean efforts in bringing about the restoration of the Old Bank building that is the museum.

Annual Scholarship Established

The Historical Society board of directors has recently approved the establishment of a Historical Society annual scholarship beginning in 2022 to be given to a graduating LFHS student who will major in history or a related field in college. They also urge that the recipient will have performed some amount of community service while in high school. The amount of the scholarship has yet to be determined.

Please pass this information on to any student you may know who might qualify!

For more information, contact the Historical Society HERE

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