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The Little Falls Historical Society hosted its opening reception last night to show off its latest exhibit titled “Little Falls Athletics.”

The crowd was a mix of historical society supports and athletes young and old.

Little Falls athletes and teams that have won and competed in New York state-level competition were the centers of attention in the exhibit. It includes archival photographs of St. Mary’s Academy teams and various town and independent athletic teams from the 1890s through the 1950s.

Louie Baum, a board member at the historical society said “Little Falls has a great legacy as far as athletics is concerned. Even in the last year, the girls have been outstanding in soccer. So, we thought it was time to develop a program about sports in Little Falls.”

Five championship banners have been won by Little Falls athletes and teams. This list includes the Wilbur Crisp-coached 1929-30 boys’ basketball team all class championship, the Ted Schoff-coached 1982 boys’ baseball team championship, Tess Malone’s 1997 Class C-D 200-meter championship, Brett Wehrum’s and Florian Andreas’ 2000 all-class tennis doubles championship and Brian Mosher’s Class C-D 200 and 400-meter championships.

Baum stated, “We not only did the high school but of course St Mary’s Academy, which was a big powerhouse in Catholic athletics in the state as well. We went all the way back to the late 1800s finding town teams and high school teams.”

“We’re just trying to honor the kids in the community today who are great athletes and their predecessors,” he said. “We have a good legacy of sports here in Little Falls. It’s something to be very proud of, it draws the community together.”

Other new exhibits for 2019 on display were “Little Falls During Prohibition,” “Camp Jolly” and “Rockton.”

The 2018 museum exhibits honoring the 133 Little Falls men who served in the Vietnam War and on pre-urban renewal Little Falls remain on display. The museum also features a number of other exhibits.