LITTLE FALLS – The primary 2017 exhibit focus of the Little Falls Historical Society Museum will be “Little Falls’ Musical History.”

An additional exhibit will focus on the centennial of the opening of the reconstructed Erie Canal in 1917.

The Symphony Orchestra, the Military Band, various ethnic bands, marching bands, concert bands, rock and roll bands and band concerts will be among the parts of community musical history that will be highlighted.

This is an ambitious undertaking and the historical society needs assistance from the greater community in order to create and assemble these exhibits, according to a news release.

Pictures, movies, recordings, instruments, uniforms and other items and artifacts connected to the community’s rich musical heritage are being sought for season-long exhibit purposes, according to the release.

Individuals or families willing to make such items available are asked to contact historical society members Jeff Gressler at 823-2799 or Louie Baum at 867-3527 or 823-9217.

Special Facebook pages have also been set up through the historical society for the purpose of enabling people to submit their musical recollections. The first is “Rock City Rock,” on which people can offer comments, personal recollections and photographs on the history of rock and roll music in Little Falls from the 1960s through the present. The other Facebook page is “We Remember the Little Falls Symphony Orchestra.” People who performed in the Symphony Orchestra or who have other memories or recollections should consider posting comments on this Facebook page, according to the release.

While the historical society has a number of musical artifacts suitable for these exhibits, more items are needed in order for this to be a memorable community experience, according to the release.

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