The Little Falls Drama Club presented the show Mean Girls on March 3rd and 4th.  Luckily, even with a snowstorm, they were able to push up Friday’s start time and put on a great show!  The Drama Club is so thankful for the support of the community, alumni, friends and family.  The saying “it takes a village” holds true.  Everything from dozens of local businesses placing ads, White Rose Bakery donating a cake for the cast party, parents dropping off food to their kiddos at all hours of the afternoon and evening and of course, nothing would be possible without THE STUDENTS!
These kids pushed themselves for over two months memorizing lines, practicing singing and dancing, keeping up on school work and some even working jobs.  The sacrifice was worth it. All shows were a success.  We made it through the costume changes, the pain of ripping off mic tape, the exhaustion and the excitement of using a new source of projections for backgrounds.  The adult advisors couldn’t be more proud and we hope the cast and crew felt the love from us and their community.  These are memories the students will remember for the rest of their lives.  Job well done!

Submitted by Amy Osborne, Assistant Director, LFHS Drama Club

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