Natasha Massicotte is a Little Falls High School 2019 Alumni who also serves as Class Registrar for the LFHS Alumni Network.  A Class Registrar is a volunteer who helps to complete our Alumni Directory for their respective graduation year initially and screens incoming applications from classmates seeking to register or re-register on the site as the years go by.  Learn more about this and other LFHS Alumni Network volunteer positions here.

Natasha works at Skye Financial Services with fellow Alumni from the Class of 2001, Cathy Hysack Christman.  You can read Cathy’s story here.

Natasha credits Little Falls High School as the place where she developed her strong work ethic.  While in school she participated in inter-scholastic sports and was employed at the NYS Thruway Rest Area all while placing her academics as a top priority and being inducted into the National Honor Society!

With more than 5 years in customer service, now she creates a friendly and warm environment for clients. Natasha has always enjoyed helping people, understands that life happens and plans change. She is excited to be a resource for clients to ease their minds when it comes to their finances.  Natasha is currently working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Financial Management. Outside of working at Skye Financial Services, she has started her own candle making business M/C Candle House.
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