www.CityofLittleFalls.net – Serves Both Residents and Visitors

Little Falls, NY: The City of Little Falls has launched a new website filled with information useful to both residents and visitors. The site–which is live on Saturday, June 13–includes two primary navigation bars, one focused on city services and the other offering extensive tourism information.

“We recognize the importance of the online environment as the first place most people go to get critical information, whether they want to know where to stay and what to eat, when the parking ban goes into effect, or where to find their dream house,” notes councilperson and chair of the tourism committee, Teresa Lee. “Now a resident who wants to schedule at party at Moreland Park or a visitor who wants to get a rock climbing permit or buy antiques can get what they need right online.” The website includes a calendar of events and extensive information on all city services, parks, schools, public safety, history, boards, and relocation, as well as listings of places to eat, shop, stay, and fun things to do. There are even several sample 3-day itineraries featuring suggested activities for the family, sports-minded, history buff, arts lover, and those seeking complete pampering. Little Falls merchandise such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, totes, and stickers is also being offered through the site.

The website was developed in a collaborative effort between the City of Little Falls, the Tourism Committee, the Computer Clinic, Ravenmoon Design, and residents who contributed photographs and artwork, with coordination from tourism committee volunteer and recent Little Falls transplant, Laurel Saville. “My husband and I think Little Falls is an incredible gem of a town,” says Saville, a writer and corporate communications consultant. “This site is a great way to help current residents, attract new visitors, and help increase communication about all the charms and activities Little Falls has to offer in one central, easily accessible location.”

There is only one official Little Falls City site, even though there are two ways to get there: ILoveLittleFallsNY.com or LittleFallsRocks.com. “Different people felt affinity for each of these names,” Saville explains, “So we decided to keep them both.” The site features a wealth of beautiful images, all taken by local residents, and is very easy to navigate, with similar information clustered together, simple drop-down menus, and PDFs of often-used forms. “It was important to make this site easy for a computer novice to use, but also keep it interesting for an expert,” notes Shawn Ortis of Ravenmoon Design. “We also wanted to make sure it was as beautiful as the city itself, so we included lots of pictures that represent all there is to do and see in Little Falls.”

Residents are encouraged to visit the site and invite their friends and visitors to do the same. Feedback and additions to the calendar of events can be made with an email link directly from the site. Stickers and mini-cards promoting the site are available at Little Falls City Hall.

Laurel Saville, Volunteer Website Coordinator

Teresa Lee, Councilperson