Registration with facebook


You're about to register with the Little Falls High School Alumni network using your Facebook account. This involves a few steps.

  • First we're going to ask you to authenticate yourself via Facebook. If you're already logged into your Facebook account then you'll get to skip this step.
  • Next the LFHSAlumni "app" will ask for permission to read your email and other personal information. This is necessary so we can link your Little Falls Alumni Network with your Facebook account. If this makes you uncomfortable, then we'd like to suggest that you use the "Register without Facebook" option.
  • Once you have given permission to link your Facebook account, you will be taken to a Profile Page where you will have a chance to fill in some information. There will be REQUIRED fields that you need to fill out.

    Only when you have filled out ALL the required fields on the form, will a registrar of the Little Falls High School Alumni Network be able to review your registration and give you access to the website.
And that's everything! Now that you're ready, please click the link below to get started!

Click here to get started