Mayor Mark Blask excitedly has announced a new summertime event in Little Falls.
“Once we knew we had to cancel many different summer programs, we set out to come up with some alternative for people to safely enjoy. We ended up deciding to build a drive-in movie theatre in the city – welcome to Rock City Reels!” describes Mayor Blask.
Located in the Veteran’s Memorial Park complex at the base of the hill which leads to the little league and softball fields, movies will be shown Thursday through Saturday starting June 18th and running into August.
Ten dollars will get your vehicle in and a large popcorn. Advance purchase is mandatory.  For all the information you will need (tickets, movies, etc.), please visit Working in concert with Valley Cinemas, movies will change week to week. You will listen to the movie through your car radio (AM 1630).
According to the Mayor, “It took a lot of people rowing in the same direction to get this done; it was basically getting a new business up and running in less than 30 days. Isaac Newton wrote about standing on the shoulders of giants. These are the giants who got this done:
– Think Local Little Falls: From coming up with the name, to designing the website, to so much in between, they have been incredible. They will have volunteers out all summer at every movie helping park cars.
– Thanks to Elaine Cobb, Jessica Kelly and their team for once again spending time, effort and money to make Little Falls such a cool place to be. We are so lucky to have them.
– Chris Anderson has run the theatre in Little Falls for over 25 years and has really stepped up to the plate on this one. He is loaning out his projector, providing staffing and will be popping a lot of popcorn this summer.
– Devan Durkee is Chris’ right hand man; he has been tremendously helpful and we thank him for that. Sam Brown works in entertainment production management as an AV guru and we have relied heavily on his expertise. He has been on every Zoom call and on-site several times to help us run the technical side. Getting power, sound and a clear picture to a parking lot is no small task and Sam was great.
– Speaking of sound, we would not have it if it were not for Andrew Pepper. He is lending us the transmitter, antennae and other equipment. Andrew runs LF Radio and has been a valued member of the team.
– John Sullivan and his team at the DPW built and painted a huge screen in less than a week. They marked out all the spaces and everything up there looks great. They are true professionals.

Whenever there is anything substantive going on in Little Falls the first thing I do is text the City Engineer and ask him to jump in. Every time he texts back either “sounds good” or “I’m on it.”

– Chet Woody Szymanski’s fingerprints are all over this. Chet is smart, talented and dedicated – that is a solid trifecta.
We are doing a special free showing beginning on June 17th, but that is just for the LFHS senior class — they selected the movie Step Brothers. We are sensitive to all they lost through this and want them to have a night to laugh and relax.

For those outside the area, when you come to Little Falls to watch a movie this summer come early. Be sure to have dinner in one of our superb restaurants. Hang out in one of the beautiful parks we are lucky to have or take a stroll down along the Erie Canal. You will find Little Falls to be a gorgeous city filled with super awesome people. After all that head up and enjoy Rock City Reels!”