Our first webinar for the LFHS Alumni was lightly attended, but a great exchange of ideas and experiences that reinforce the value individuals with all types of work backgrounds can provide to students, young adults recently out of high school, or in all stages of life can benefit from.

We learned about the characteristics of a being a mentor, and making the commitment to helping others – that’s the first step. Just do it! You may not feel like a subject matter expert, but to those who are thinking about a career, trying to find a job in a specific field, or even having to make a career change due to job loss, you have experience that can be of benefit!

Giving of your time is not only rewarding to others. You’ll find real satisfaction in that giving.

But it takes two to tango, as they say. We need to be willing to be a mentor and help others find their way, but we also need to be willing to reach out and ask for input! Be a mentoree!

Thinking about getting into the Human Resources field? Want to start a business? Want to understand how to travel in Europe? Maybe you are thinking of sharing your thoughts, recipes, or stories by getting online with your own website but don’t know how best to do it? Getting started can be difficult, but there are likely many individuals who are in the LFHS Alumni network that you can reach out to who have some experience with what you’d like to learn.

Just ASK! Here are the steps for you to create a mentor or mentoree post on our website:

  • Click on Add Posts in Quick Links or from your Profile Page
  • Featured Image – Choose “Select my own” and add a photo of yourself – Preferable to use a landscape photo (1200 x 800 pixels is best!)
  • Title Enter a title for the post similar to: “Mentor available for . . .” or “Searching for a Mentor for . . .”
  • Body – Describe your background and mentoring you can provide or are looking for.
  • Category: – Be sure to choose “Jobs”
  • Viewable by: Be sure to choose “Any registered member”

The above steps are illustrated in the webinar recording starting about the 41:30 spot in the recording which members can watch the webinar replay when logged in by clicking here!