LF Veterans KIA Memoriam Detail 12 24 2007

In September of 2013 as part of the Southside Reunion, the Southside Veterans Honor and Recognition Project was displayed for the first time.  We are excited to announce that based upon overwhelming support, recognition, and interest we will once again have this Project on display during the Canal Celebration through August at the Rotary Park inside the Terminal on Southern Ave.  The purpose of this Project is to honor and recognize all who served in our Armed Forces from the Southside, with special attention to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  The organizers and each person who contributed to the Project agreed it was a privilege to honor and preserve this history through stories, letters, and photos of each of the Veterans who sacrificed to help preserve our freedom.  They turned their attention to collecting and preserving the “living history” (which provides the story behind these valiant men and women) before it may be too late.  Through the eyes of remembrances of family, friends, classmates and others we may each come to know something about each of these individuals and the special traits they possessed that may have held so much potential, and that was cut short before it could blossom and add unknown qualities to our city and to our community.  We can never know how their loss has affected us, but we can honor and respect their memory and their sacrifice.

Please join us and continue this project for all of Little Falls Veterans, especially the WWII 45 who made the ultimate sacrifice, and provide us the photos, letters, stories, etc. so we preserve for history their service and their life in Little Falls.  We welcome your participation.

You may contact us through any of the following:

Gary T. Staffo                                  Email:      gary.staffo@hq.doe.gov

6226 Garden Road                          Phone:  202-586-9577

Springfield, VA 22152-1504

Lest They Not Be Forgotten – Forty-Five Lives

Over 1700 citizens of Little Falls answered the call to service during WWII. Inside the entrance to the Little Falls City Hall is a Memorial Plaque with the names of 45 citizens of Little Falls who made the supreme sacrifice serving our country in World War II to help secure our freedom.

Now as the WWII Veterans are all almost gone, it is our turn to make a special effort to reach out to all who may have known of these forty five and preserve their history.

Please take a few minutes to look at each of the names of the veterans listed below and if you can personally contribute a remembrance please do so, or if you know others who may have known these individuals as classmates, family, friends, teammates, comrades, etc. please pass this request along.

Vernon N. Bailey                                                       Marcus J. Benedict

Thomas Bonaros                                                       William B. Cheney

Philip C. Cone                                                            John J. Crimmins

Anthony Cvitan                                                         Frank J. DeDomenick

Robert T. Edick                                                         Louis J. Ehlinger

William J. Farrell                                                      Edward B. Feldmeir

Charles G. Gabrovsek                                              James A. Harter

Nellis C. Heath                                                            Eugene J. Hooks

Nellis F. Jones                                                             Robert N. Kenna

Raymond Krawecki                                                  Paul M. Kuric

John J. Laur                                                               Francis E. McDonald

Gertrude Meade                                                         Richard T. Metz

Chester Mikus                                                            Joseph F. Milin

Charles G. Mosher                                                    Fred Mutchler

Vernon A. Nightingale                                              Kenneth O’Brien

Frank R. Peckay                                                        Albert Polidori

Stephan Remias                                                         David J. Roche

Christian J. Rothmyer                                              Edgar V. Ruby

Philip Seifried                                                             Walter D. Sheehan

Philip B. Spine                                                            John Charles Staffo

Steve Stefula                                                               John J. Tomei

Fiorello Verri                                                              Edward Wroeblewski

Michael V. Zeman