Please enjoy the following read – “The Little Falls Open School: A 50-Year Retrospective Evaluation” written by Carol Thomas Reinson, PhD (Class of 1973) and James M. Ebetino, JD (Class of 1971-1972).

This is a comprehensive qualitative study of the Open School in Little Falls, NY in the early 1970’s from the perspective of the students who were educated within that innovative framework and the impact it had on their lives. In total, (20) individuals have shared (with permission) their personal narratives about this educational experience with the Little Falls Community for the public record. The added value of the personal “stories” are a rich community resource for discussions about the educational needs of past, present, and future residents of Little Falls.

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The Little Falls Open School: A 50-Year Retrospective Evaluation

This is the cover of A Magazine of the Arts by LFHS Class of 1972 &1973 . The drawing is by Dave Wright (1973) and the Faculty Advisor was Ruth McKenney with Special Thanks to Bruce Crawford, Gordon Ressue, and William Pizer. The magazine contains poetry, short stories, and artwork by numerous students.