Jul 18th


20,000 people came from all over to visit the camp of U. S. Army cavalrymen located on the outskirts of Little Falls. The group from Fort Ethan Allen in Vermont, on their way to Pine Camp near Watertown, consisted of 450 men, with more than that number of horses and many mules to draw supply wagons.


The former Arkay Hall is being torn down as a part of the Urban Renewal program. The building, at the rear of the McCauley block on Main Street, was built after the big fire in 1893. Used for a variety of purposes, it was the meeting place for the “Independent Order of Red Men,” home of basketball games, boxing and wrestling matches, a rifle range, and a bowling alley.

Jul 19th


General Christopher Bellinger, a native of Little Falls, was one of the American commanders in the Battle of Sackett’s Harbor on Lake Ontario, the first land battle of the War of 1812. Bellinger was the son of Colonel Peter Bellinger and Delia Herkimer Bellinger, sister of General Nicholas Herkimer.


The old veterans of Little Falls will hold a basket picnic this evening at Camp Jolly. An invitation has been extended to the Women’s Relief Corps to join in the festivities. The boat will leave Little Falls at 9:30 am and at 1:00 pm.


An evening fire drove guests out of the Metropolitan Hotel, and destroyed the stock of the Modern Cloak and Suit Shop, an establishment especially for ladies. The early discovery of the fire and prompt action of the firemen prevented further damage.


The City of Little Falls was fined $1,000 by the New York State Department of Health for swimming pool violations after an investigation into the drowning of nine- year old John DuPont in July 1985. The city was charged with “failure to maintain diatomaceous earth filters and proper operating condition,” and “failure to maintain the pool sidewall and bottom free from visible residue.”


After 22 years at 572 East Monroe Street, Kelly’s Meat Market will open today at it new location at 520 Albany Street in the Kinney Plaza.

Jul 20th


WW II Era – B.P.O.E. #42 has secured the Whitman property, one of the city’s finest private homes, at the corner of Ann and Gansevoort Streets for their new fraternal home. The purchase price of $6,000 was easily raised by the Elks who are enthusiastically working on readying their new permanent home for occupation.

Jul 21st

The Raines Law is proving a great success, not only in reducing the number of saloons in the city and the hours for selling, as well as keeping the saloons closed on Sunday, except for hotels serving “food”, but also in the amount of revenue received from the tax imposed.


After 61 years of serving the community at various locations with quality senior care, Van Allen Nursing home is no more. The business has been sold, and will now be known as Alpine Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.

Jul 22nd


A gigantic parade highlighted week-long festivities, as the City of Little Falls celebrated the sesquicentennial of its incorporation as a village in 1811. Over 25,000 viewers were present at the biggest event of its kind ever held in the city.

Little Falls’ first “space age” aviation hero, Lt. Thomas Johnson, was one of the special guests and rode in the Sesquicentennial parade today. Lt. Johnson recently served as aviator to a second place finish in Bendix Trophy race this spring.

Jul 23rd


There was a fire in the card room at the MacKinnon Mill.

Jul 24th


Damage caused by a cloud burst in this city will run into the thousands. Much loss and damage to city streets was caused by choked drainage. The loss to merchants’ stocks and to private dwellings is terrific in its vastness.


WW II Era – Immigration officials in Albany authorized the release of Frank Roma, held by Little Falls police when it was found the “enemy alien” did not have permission to travel from Albany to Utica.


The new South Side Arterial highway will necessitate the removal of the long abandoned West Shore freight house. The structure was built in 1883 and was most recently used as a feed store. Old timer George Boyle recalled, the New York Central never did own the West Shore, but rented it for 375 years with an option to extend the lease for another 400 years.

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