Sept. 27th


The cornerstone was laid for the second African Methodist Episcopal Church on West Main Street in Little Falls. There is no record when the first African M. E. Zion had been built here.

Sept. 28th


On this date Alexander Ellice died in Bath, England. The Ellice Estate, headed by his son Edward, an influential member of the British House of Commons, maintained a tight grip on water rights along the river at Little Falls, and other aspects of the life of the community. Ellice had acquired a valuable mill-site at Little Falls from Sir William Johnson.


The first Methodist church in Little Falls, built on Third Street, was dedicated on this date by Bishop Elijah Hedding. The parish outgrew this building and built a new church in 1876. The old building became the Polish Community Association.


Riverside Industrial Park, situated on 24 acres between the railroad tracks and the Mohawk River just west of Hansen Island, is being developed by the City of Little Falls.

Sept. 29th

Miss Charlotte E. Davis of Little Falls, better known as the professional aeronant of the Mohawk Valley, was married in Johnstown to Professor George J. Bush, also a professional aeronant, from Blissfield Michigan.

Sept. 30th


Professor William Rullison, the great trapeze aeronaut, is visiting his native Little Falls, after a successful Rockaway Beach tour with T. S. Baldwin, the parachute jumper. Rullison has made over 900 ascensions on the flying bar, hanging by his toes.

Oct. 1st


The Merchants’ and Farmers Bank is doing business at the Banking House on Main Street in Little Falls. Banking hours included Saturday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 P.M.


Large crowds lined up to purchase tickets for the first passenger train to leave Little Falls on the West Shore Railroad. The West Shore depot was later called “South Little Falls.”


D. H. Burrell & Company have recently imported the ”Thistle Mechanical Milking Machine” from Scotland for their operation on their Hilltop farm. The machine at the Burrell farm milks ten cows at once, averaging one cow per minute, with favorable results.


The Salada-Shirriff-Horsey Company of Boston, Mass., Plant City, Fla., and Toronto, Canada, will acquire the “Junket” Brand Foods Division of Chr. Hansen’s Laboratory, Inc. of Little Falls, as of this date.


The newly built quarters for the New York State Employment Service opened today at 690 East Main Street, the site of the former  Knights of Columbus Home which had been razed.

Oct. 2nd


WW II Era – A wartime speed limit of 35 miles an hour went into effect for privately-owned autos nationwide. New York state police indicated tickets would be issued to drivers exceeding the speed limit by one mile per hour or more.

Oct. 3rd


The Polish Catholic Society has purchased property at 45 Furnace and has begun erection of their new church which should be completed next year. The society has occupied the A.M.E. Zion church on West Main Street for a year or more.


All of the memorial stained glass windows that are to be placed in St. Mary’s church have now reached New York City from John Hardman & Sons of Birmingham, England.


At a meeting of the Exchange Club, a letter from S.D. Bradway was read announcing that the Barnet Leather Company was ceasing operations in Little Falls. The company has a long history in the city in their plant on East Mill Street.


Alec MacCallum, a pioneer basketball player, passed away today at age 73. Born in Hardenberry Castle, Worcester, England in 1878, he moved to Little Falls in 1888. When Dr. James Naismith invented basketball in 1891, MacCallum took up the sport and became exceedingly proficient. He played for the Little Falls Athletics in the first game between Little Falls and Herkimer.

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