Sep. 5th


Our Board of Education has leased a part of the old store-house adjoining Timmerman’s coal yard for a school house for the south side. The end next to the canal will be occupied, and it is being fitted up and furnished with seats taken from the brick school house.


Members of the Legislative Committee on Preservation and Restoration of Historic Sites, along with local historians, inspected the old Inland Navigation Lock from the 1796 canal. Efforts are being made to preserve the lock as it is one of the oldest in the nation.


Terry Tippin, of Avon, Connecticut, has purchased the Little Falls Masonic Temple from the local Masons. Mrs. Tippin plans to live in part of the building, built in 1914, and use another part for a pottery studio and showroom. The Masons will continue to meet at the building for the time being.

Sep. 7th


Not too far from the Shell blockhouse, Lt. Solomon Woodworth and his scouting party were ambushed by Indians . Woodworth and 21 other brave patriots were killed in a matter of minutes.


Two sulphur springs were discovered about 50 rods from the new cemetery, in Furnace Hollow creek about one-half mile from the village.


All opposed to sewers should take a walk around the corner of Albany Street and Eastern Avenue (West Main Street.) We think that after looking at the state of affairs in that location they will be converted to the idea that sewers in this village are an actual necessity.


After operating, first from her home at 617 Albany Street with five residents, Catherine Van Allen opened her nursing home in the former Victorian Sheard Mansion at 29 Jackson Street. Thirty-two residents will occupy the first two floors while Mrs. Van Allen and her five children will live on the third floor.


Mayor Ted Wind has proclaimed today as “Mohawk Valley Garlic Growers’ Day” in honor of the garlic festival to be held in Little Falls at Canal Place.

Sep. 8th


Daring robberies and thefts are becoming all too common in our village, demanding watchmen at the most important points within a short time. Several places have been robbed – most of the transgressions involving watches and jewelry.


About 1800 people attended the pilgrimage of St. Mary’s church to the Auriesville Shrine on the West Shore Railroad.


A contract was awarded to Casey & Murray to construct the Barge Canal (Erie Canal) through Little Falls.


Leon Dussault’s Orchestra and a group local people under the auspices of the American Legion, broadcast from WGY in Schenectady.  There were so few radios in Little Falls that groups gathered at places such as the Y.W.C.A. to listen.

Sep. 9th


The Modoc base ball club of Canajoharie came to Little Falls to play the local “White Stockings” and were “scalped” by a score of 53 to 13. Williams and Selcer each scored 10 runs for the locals.


The banner read – “A war to end wars!”  That’s what the first 14 young men from Little Falls thought as they were sworn into the service of the nation and departed for army training camps. They would join millions of humans across the seas locked in a death grip with their foes in World War I.


Work crews tearing up Garden Street between Waverley Place and Salisbury Street unearthed wooden water pipes from a water delivery system that had been discontinued from service over 100 years ago. Several years ago, similar wooden pipes were found during excavation for Shopper’s Square.

Sep. 10th


The parochial school connected with St. Mary’s church opened with nearly 300 pupils, with their instructions being furnished by four lay teachers. The average for each teacher is too large for the best results, but no more than for Union schools. The large number in students is due in part to child labor laws in our mills.


The new bell for the school house on Church Street weighs 387 pounds. It can be heard nearly anywhere in the village.


The old Gem Theatre in the Beniens block has been closed and the new Gem theatre, with a capacity of 425 on the ground floor and first balcony, has been opened. The natty little new playhouse has been crowded at each of the three nightly performances.

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