Class Registrar

The initial role needed for each class is to have someone screen incoming applications from classmates seeking to register on the site for access to the Alumni Directory. We’ve developed an easy process allowing the Registrar to activate new registrants online. While this process requires very little time commitment from the Registrar, it does require that you have the ability to check your e-mail a few times a week to see if there are any pending applications. As time permits, Class Registrars may also seek to build out their class address directory, locating classmates for which there is no current contact address and/or e-mail. Until participation reaches a level to cover all classes, some class registrars may choose to volunteer in approving directory applications for adjacent class years. So if you see someone other than your classmate mentioned as your class registrar – consider it an invitation to volunteer!  Press here to indicate interest in possibly volunteering for the role of Class Registrar for your class.

LFHS AlumNet Content Providers

While guest submissions are welcome from any source, volunteers who have interest in helping us refresh this web site with new content on an ongoing basis may request designation as an Alumni Network Content Provider. These individuals will help seek out and share information about classmates, related school and community news, events, history or other stories of interest to the Alumni Network audience. Designated Content Providers will have capability to post material on the site and maintain selected pages. Refreshing our site with new and interesting content becomes a key resource to both attract and engage members in our LFHS Alumni community. Press here to indicate interest in possibly volunteering for the role of content provider or submitting content that you would like to post on the Alumni Network site.

Event Volunteers

Class reunions only happen when one or classmates step up to participate in the organizing effort. The LFHS Alumni Network can help reduce the burden on event volunteers by using our online alumni directory and leveraging other online services for event registration, program input and lessons learned from past reunion events. Beyond class reunions, we hope to grow the Alumni Network for some volunteers to take a lead role in coordinating events that might bring Alumni back into contact with LFHS for activities like sharing insights on college and occupational career paths, LFHS curriculum development, fund raising for arts and athletics, etc. Press here to indicate interest in possibly volunteering to play a role in contributing to the success of a LFHS Alumni Event.

Alumni Network Committee

Formal launch of the Alumni Network will come about only if a small group of volunteers will be willing to help lead in the formation and leadership of the organization. Our initial committee will be tasked with things like developing an organization charter and bylaws, electing officers, defining near term goals and budget and launching our initial communications effort. It is possible that some of the Alumni Network Committee members may also choose to volunteer in serving in other roles noted above until additional volunteers can be identified.

Alumni Committee should have the ability to check and respond to email on a regular and ongoing basis and meet on an occasional basis (either in Little Falls or attend by telephone conference).

Press here to indicate interest in possibly volunteering to serve on the Alumni Network Committee.

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