The Little Falls High School Alumni Network’s Where are We Now series was initiated in January of 2015.  This feature highlights individuals who have enhanced their lives and/or the lives of others using the foundation of the education they received at LFHS or St. Mary’s and the family values they developed while growing up in Little Falls.  Success isn’t always defined by financial achievements.  Many people find personal satisfaction by giving back to their communities, organizations or to others in general.  Those on the receiving end of these heartfelt contributions may consider this person in the highest regard as well.

With this being said, we are looking for individual nominations of Little Falls alumni who have made a difference in the lives of others as well their own.  Before submitting nominations, please confirm your nominee is currently registered on the Little Falls Alumni Network as this is also a requirement of nomination.

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Alumni Feature – Leisha Majtan, Class of 2007

IMG_8577EDITThis month we are pleased to feature our youngest alumni to date, Leisha Majtan, a proud member of the Class of 2007.  Under Leisha’s yearbook picture it states that in 10 years, she will be “waking you up at 7am on the Today Show.”  We are so excited that she is well on her way and are proud to have her as a Little Falls Alumni.  Leisha has yet to celebrate her 10 year high school reunion and she has already accomplished her dream of entering the world of news reporting in New York City.  While Leisha has achieved her dream through a lot of hard work and dedication, she does not deny that the small town experiences and relationships she developed while at Little Falls High School gave her essential tools that led to her path of success.  Here is her story:

Growing up in Little Falls, for lack of a better word, was lovely.  We were able to just be kids. We spent summer days and nights riding our Razor scooters all around town, ate way too much pizza at Ed’s, and went on more group outings than I can count to Valley Cinema to catch the latest blockbuster.  We always felt safe as everyone in town was laid back and welcoming.  Little Falls is also so full of rich culture and history.  My dad always made sure I knew where I was from and what and WHO made Little Falls the city it is today.

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Bob Casullo, Class of 1969

It is February in the Northeast and Bob Casullo is spending the winter in his home in Fort Lauderdale with his wife, Pat.  This doesn’t mean he has deserted his home, family and friends in the Mohawk Valley…it simply means he is a smart man who has followed his dreams all of his life!  Since the days are warm and there is no snow to shovel, Bob graciously agreed to be interviewed for our next Alumni Feature.

The first question of our interview always asks what it was like growing up in Little Falls back in the day.  We should precede Bob’s response by letting you know that since his retirement, he has done a lot of motivational speaking to various groups and organizations throughout the country.  With that said, Bob’s description of growing up in Little Falls is as follows:

“I guess the best way to describe this is the way I end all my speeches on Motivation and Leadership:  ‘Never Look Back, But Always Remember Where You Came From!’  My growing years (1951-1969) in Little Falls are cherished memories.  My many classmates, neighbors and friends are still a part of my life today no matter where we meet.  Our small town was a beautiful place where we all hung together.  Although the town had definite ethnic “territories”, we were oblivious to that outside of own respective families.  Eastern Park, the ball diamond, Monroe Street fields, the swimming pool, the canal, the south side, and most important all, the many country roads that were frequented for various “activities”.  These places all contributed to our growing up!  There were no keys to homes, all our doors were unlocked.  LFHS and St. Mary’s were separated by a crosswalk and a stop light.  Although our town was small, the two high schools thrived academically.”

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Dr. Don Staffo, Class of 1964

Dr. Donald Staffo, Class of 1964

Dr. Donald Staffo, Class of 1964, graciously agreed to be the first LFHS alumni to participate in the newly established Where Are We Now column for the Little Falls High School Alumni Website.  Dr. Staffo is one of hundreds of successful LFHS alumni who have done their part to make a difference in the lives of others.  Here is his story.

Don grew up on what is commonly referred to as the South Side – south of the railroad tracks and the river.  He fondly recalls growing up in this unique part of the city.  “The South Side was like a little community within the city itself,” he said. “Families were predominately Italian and were very close knit with everyone knowing each other. To those of us who grew up there it was special.  There were about 10 or 15 guys around my age and throughout the year we played sports – baseball, football, basketball, stoop ball, wiffle ball and numerous other activities, and in the summer seemingly all day long.  If our parents wanted us, they knew to check out either Columbus Park or the Jefferson St. Elementary School playground.  It was a great childhood and to this day my friends and I fondly reminisce about those great times.”

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