2019 Reunion Recaps & Photos

Little Falls, NY, August 28, 2019–Canal Days weekend kicked off the start of several class reunions that will take place this year bringing together classmates and friends for walk down memory lane!

  • The Class of 1994’s 25 year reunion was a great success.  With 17 classmates and many Little Falls native plus ones in attendance too, it was wonderful to see how many who attended are partnered with other alumni.  Reunion planner, Kathryn Coleman Shah shared, “In the ’90s, Social Studies teacher, Rick Johnson, would write a Senior Prophecy for each class projecting how life would be for each student 25 years later.  And true to his starting sentence for the Class of 1994’s Senior Prophecy, “The year is 2019 and the class of 1994 has tried and tried and tried to organize a reunion”!   And in the end, they pulled it off….with lots of laughter, shared memories, and overall great times at the event on August 9!”

Class of 1994, 25th Reunion

  • Twenty six members and spouses of the Class of 1957 and 1956 met at the Travelodge on August 10 for a most enjoyable social time and luncheon. “Although we were small in numbers, it was just wonderful to be together again and to see some folks we haven’t seen for a very long time.  We are hopeful that next year our numbers will increase and we are contemplating asking  more “years” to join with us,” said event coordinator Evelyn Blovat.

  • The Class of 1970 met for an informal annual gathering on August 9th at the Ann St. Deli to catch up and discuss upcoming 50th reunion plans for next year!

Class of 1970 Luncheon

  • The Class of 1969 celebrated 50 years with a dinner cruise on the Erie Canal on Saturday, August 10th.  According to reunion planner, Ralph Renzulli, “The event was very successful.  We had a lot of fun and the Canal Cruise was a unique experience for many – especially those who have not been back to Little Falls in many years!” 
  • As for the Class of 1964, nostalgia ruled the evening of Saturday, September 14, 2019, when 20 members of the LFHS class and two members of the same class from Saint Mary’s Academy gathered at Bella Vista Restaurant to celebrate 55 years since their graduation.  Many spouses joined in the festivities.  Dr. Don Staffo not only has attended every reunion except one, but he also regularly travels the furthest to get to them.  He drives up from Tuscaloosa, Alabama where he had been teaching prior to his retirement.  We also learned that Donny has recently published his tenth book.  This one was about Jim Boeheim, the coach of his favorite basketball team, the Orangemen of Syracuse.Music from the Sixties was provided by DJ Krazy Kein and many people put down their canes and actually danced.  We finally learned the origins of some of our classmates’ nicknames.  Dick Schmidt regaled us with the story of how he became known as the animal.  Apparently,  he felt challenged by a comment from his football coach that he wasn’t trying hard enough.   To prove his metal, on the next play he ran down the field, passed up the fellow he was supposed to hit and plowed into the coach.   Instead of being angry, the coach said that was what he wanted to see, an animal.  Some people, however, couldn’t resist reminding others of less happy memories.  Yes, Jerry Fessinger, SMA did beat LFHS on the TV show High School Quiz.  Though it wasn’t a pleasant feeling for LFHS to lose to our city rival, it was a good experience for everyone involved since both teams won once and lost once.  We had our 15 minutes of fame.On the evening before the reunion dinner, Friday the 13th, Alan and Linda Vincent graciously opened their home on Mohawk Street to the class for a cocktail party.  Having an extra opportunity to talk with everyone was greatly appreciated.  And despite the date, nothing bad happened.  Neither the beautifully restored home nor its balcony overhanging the Mohawk River rapids experienced any problems.The class would especially like to thank Martha and Don Lee and Mena Lamana Cerone for facilitating this gathering of old friends.  We missed those who were unable to attend and hope that they will be able to come to the next one.  It is interesting how much more fun it is when the need to fit into a group is no longer there.  We have grown up even if our parents and teachers didn’t think we ever would.  Congratulations and special memories to the Class of 1964.

First row from left: Veronica Richardson Bannon, Martha Osley Lee, Alan Vincent, Bev Reno Schmidt
Second row: Don Lee, Lynn Schrader Snyder, Mena Lamana Cerone, Mitzi Yerina Bliss, Sharon Reiman Brown, Patti Noble Castellano, Bonnie Sciortino Frederick, Lorraine Toher
Third row: Dick “the animal” Schmidt, Sky VanHorn, Mitch Ross, Ron Pelzer, Charlie Balderston, Dick Bear Miller, Joanne Palkowski Macri, Lida Buhaj (peeking around Patti), Don Staffo
Classmates also in attendance: Genevieve Ashley Jeffers and John Konik from LFHS and Jerry Fessinger from SMA.

  • The Class of 2009 rounded out the year by hosting their 10 Year Reunion on Friday, November 29 at the Elk’s Club in Little Falls, NY from 5pm-8pm.  With close to 40 classmates in attendance, this Thanksgiving week celebration proved to be a great time to catch up with old friends returning for the holiday.

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