Volunteers and Contributions

No volunteer organization can exist without a core group of interested persons willing to give of themselves to work towards a common purpose. While the potential impact of a fully functioning school wide alumni network could be far reaching, it will take time for the full impact of our Alumni Network to be felt. We are already seeing progress in our first level goal of building community through our sharing contact information. As this continues to grow, so will our progress in developing a working structure and team capable of using our Alumni contacts and resources to help turn community goals into tangible results.

None of this happens by itself. Volunteers come forward, one person at a time. Volunteer roles come in various flavors that can be tailored to suit your availability and interests. If the idea of your helping to make a difference is appealing, we encourage you to step up and get involved. Or if circumstances are such that volunteering for a role is not feasible for you at this moment, consider making a donation to help the Alumni Network make further progress in developing this site and getting registered as a tax exempt non profit organization.

Whether you can volunteer and/or contribute, help spread the word about this web site to other LFHS alumni, in particular those you know who would want to become involved.