No volunteer organization can exist without a core group of interested persons willing to give of themselves to work towards a common purpose. While the potential impact of a fully functioning school wide alumni network could be far reaching, it will take contributions from our members for the full impact of our Alumni Network to be felt. As our network continues to grow, so will our progress in developing a working structure and team capable of using our Alumni contacts and resources to help turn community goals into tangible results.

None of this happens by itself. Volunteers come forward, one person at a time. Volunteer roles come in various flavors that can be tailored to suit your availability and interests. If the idea of your helping to make a difference is appealing, we encourage you to step up and get involved.

Whether you can volunteer or not, please help spread the word about this web site to other LFHS alumni, in particular those you know who would want to become involved.

Volunteer Opportunities

LFHS Alumni Network Registrar

The initial role needed for each class is to have someone screen incoming applications from classmates seeking to register on the site for access to the Alumni Directory. We’ve developed an easy process allowing the Registrar to activate new registrants online. While this process requires very little time commitment from the Registrar, it does require that you check your e-mail a few times a week to see if there are any pending applications. As time permits, Class Registrars may also seek to build out their class address directory, locating classmates for which there is no current contact address and/or e-mail. We currently have 83 registrars already serving our organization, but if possible, we would love to have more than one for each class.

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LFHS Alumni Network Yearbook Committee

Members of this committee will need access to their old yearbooks!  They will be requested to regularly (daily, weekly or monthly) post randomly selected yearbook images (perhaps with clever taglines) or class photos to share on our site to provide our Alumni with a steady stream of fond memories helping foster site conversation and engagement.  We are looking for a wide spread of volunteers across the last 80+ years to ensure each class will be given opportunities to reminisce as they see old photographs of classmates.  These volunteers will be granted administrative privileges for being able to post photos onto our main page without content first having to be approved.

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Karly Buckley Torres (2009)

Katrina Doxtader (2006), Sarah Wilcox-Adelmen (1984-1986), Laura Hailston Powers (1998)

LFHS Alumni Network News & Events Committee

Members of this committee will serve as point people for others to funnel related school and community news and events to – to be promoted on the website.  These volunteers will be granted administrative privileges for being able to post news and events onto our main page without content first having to be approved.  This is an excellent role for someone highly involved in LFCSD and community activities also looking to increase Alumni engagement in these events.

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Committee Chair:
Tracy Scarano Young

Laura Hailston Powers, Kristina Long Hameister

LFHS Alumni Network Profiling Committee

A volunteer for this committee will be somewhat of a historian and/or writer.  They will seek out Alumni with interesting stories to share about their roots in Little Falls and where life has taken them since, interview these individuals (sample questions provided) and help to craft answers into stories that will be featured in our “Where Are They Now” series.

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Erynn Lowery and Laura Hailson Powers

John Frazier

LFHS Alumni Network Survey Committee

In efforts to increase Alumni engagement, our new site will be hosting monthly surveys on our homepage to poll our members on subjects that may be of interest to our audience.  Members of this committee will submit simple, thoughtful or creative polling questions to be featured each month.  Example:

example of poll
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Committee Chair:
Erynn Lowery

LFHS Alumni Network Directory Committee

The directory committee will consist of Alumni who are interested in donating time behind the scenes to help us keep our directory up to date.  Members will aid in sorting through rejected email accounts, duplicate accounts, etc. and organize lists of Alumni who will need to update their profiles to send to Class Registrars or perhaps even contact via phone to re-register.

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Committee Chair:
Sarah Wilcox-Adelman

LFHS Alumni Network Reunion Coordinators

Are you looking to get involved in planning your class’s next reunion?  Are you already a member of your class’s reunion planning committee?  Press here to let us know!  Being acknowledged as a Reunion Coordinator, we can assist you with your efforts to organize your next event by providing you with access to your class directory, best practices for event planning and help to promote your event on our site.

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LFHS Alumni Network Service Award Committee

Members of this committee will nominate LFHS Alumni OR local individuals who are serving the school district in a positive manner deserving of recognition.  Guidelines may be set to establish specific criteria for nominations and regularity of awards.

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Committee Chair:
Abbey Mosher

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