Class of 1962 Celebrates 55 Years

By Robert H. Pavalock, DMD 

All of the votes are in and have been tabulated. Almost everyone had a fabulous time – everyone except father time…but he was put in his place by a young, vibrant and enthusiastic bunch of ex-high school kids.

On Friday the gathering in the hotel lounge didn’t occur right away.  It was pre-empted by the parade which went right by the front of the hotel.  So that’s where about a dozen of us gathered.  After we had seen all of the fire trucks and tractors we needed to see and had candy and roses thrown at us, the group went to a local restaurant down the street for dinner.

Before leaving for Little Falls, I checked the weather forecast and rain was predicted for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I’m happy to report no rain occurred any of those days.  Tony and Joan Pellerito reported very heavy rain on Saturday afternoon, at their home in Utica, but God smiled on Little Falls the whole weekend.

And, perhaps, that is why Joe Chapadeau gave such a sparkling performance on the steps of the old bank, which was to a great extent restored by William H Pavalock, Class of 1961.  Joe drew quite a crowd for the afternoon and that crowd loved and appreciated him on the keyboard.

At six o’clock the evening events began with appetizers and drinks from the bar.  Pat Taverni very cleverly created a wooden frame in which each alumnus and a guest could center their heads and have Pat take their picture.

Class of 1962

Joe Chapadeau

So after an hour of appetizers and chat we all sat at the tables placed in a “U” shape so everyone could see how great everyone else looked – and they really did look great. There were 23 in attendance, 16 of whom were classmates.

Guests were brought by Pat Belorit (her handsome and brilliant husband Zeno), Bill Lucas (a knock out young babe named Stephanie), Carole Johnson (her wife Judy), Gail Reed (her handsome soul mate of 16 years, Chuck) Linda LaPone (her handsome and successful husband Lou), Zenny Balderston (his gorgeous wife Molly).

Other classmates in attendance were: Joe Chapadeau, Bob Lamana, Paul ( I ain’t dead yet) Mocko, Bob Pavalock, Tony Pellerito, Joan Pellerito, Pat Taverini, Edith (Tek) Chuck, Bob Bagans, Barbara Hyla, and Sarah Timmerman.

At 7:00 Pat Taverini fulfilled her promise to provide remembrance of each of the classmates who have passed away.  Pat did a very thorough job researching and presenting the names, where they were living and circumstance under which they died.  Pat deserves an email or facebook “Thank you” for her extensive and thorough presentation and for the collage of the deceased which were lovingly placed on a viewing board.  Thank you, Pat, for all you did to make the reunion a success.

Letters were read aloud from Klaus, Dick McCumber, and Mary Anne Chadwick Holland.  The final “organized” activity was a verbal biography, i.e., what you’ve done for the last 55 years and what do you want to do for the next 30!

A short synopsis follows from my best recollection:

– Tony and Joan Pellerito – two sons, built their own 4 bedroom house near Old Forge, cut every piece of pine, had wood milled, constructed it and plugged with moss! They love their place in paradise.

– Pat Taverini – traveling a lot.  Visted Klaus last year.  A joy to walk, talk and work with.

– Pat Komar – Stunning!  She and her husband recently visited Poland and several other Eastern European countries.  She has made several movies with stars you would recognize. She also has written several books.

– Bill Lucas –Looks about 10 years older than he did in high school. Maybe that’s why he snagged a blue chip keeper. Wanted to buy a cow! Very funny story.

– Carole Johnson – looks great and also looks very happy.  Very thoughtful and calm debater!

– Joe Chapadeau – entertained us at the bank on Saturday p.m and again in the evening.  Joe is still a fun guy and looks great.

– Gail Reed Van Slyke – still cute as a button.  Was a physical Ed teacher and lives happily with Chuck. Very nice and happy couple

– Edith Chuck – made it after scaring us with medical issues which turned out not to be an issue at all. Still smiling and happy.

– Sarah Timmerman – moved up to East Stoner Lake and loves her new place on the water.  Fun to talk with – no lack of words. Smiling, happy and confident.

– Zenny Balderston – married to a real attractive lady named Molly.  Lives at the Villages and played all of the golf most of us would like to play.  Handsome couple.

– Barb Hyla – I met two of her sisters – they bring the whole gang to L.F. and have a ball.  Up from Pennsylvania. Same young Barb – lovely and warm.

– Bob Bagans – worked with the YMCA for many years but got tired of transfers. Started his own painting contracting company and retired but his followers still call Rembrandt back to work.  Tallest guy in the class! And still one of the nicest.

– Bob Lamana – back on the farm after years of construction all over the countries, including, Florida where he managed construction of 8 McDonald’s.  Looks great – has a new knee.

– Linda LaPone – still looks like she just stepped out of Top Model magazine.  She and Lou still shuttle between Florida and New Hartford.

– Paul Mocko – we had lots of laughs with Paul and he has a great sense of humor.  Paul was on the “deceased” list at last reunion but he was resurrected and everyone enjoyed Paul.  Only one other guy we know of was resurrected!  Was in San Francisco – Now in Ft. Lauderdale.

At the close of our dinner/meeting it was decided that, for understandable reasons, we will hereafter be meeting in L.F. every 3 years.  The next official reunion of the Class of 1962 will be during Canal days 2020.  Dinner meeting will be at 3:00pm on Saturday.

Breakfast was attended on Sunday morning by about a dozen classmates plus guests.  A lively discussion about politics occurred with a good diversity of opinions.  We still love each other!

Finally – the Travelodge was an excellent choice of venue.  Mary, the manager, was very good and responsive to our needs.  The appetizers were great, the buffet was absolutely excellent.  The breakfast buffet was, likewise, excellent and all at a very reasonable cost.  Thanks to Mary and all of the staff at the Travelodge.

See you all in 2020 and hope to see more faces from the class of 1962, God willing. Keep love alive!

Robert H. Pavalock, DMD


Chiropractor, Santiago Chiropractic Associates, Lake Hiawatha, NJ. Director of Alumni Communications, LFHS Alumni Network.

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