Class Registrars

In order for Alumni to gain full access to our website, Class Registrars are assigned to verify each individual who requests membership was a graduate of their class year to ensure security on our site.  Registrars also serve to help with class communications, expanding our network, assisting fellow alumni and at times, reunion planning.

Serving as registrar does not involve a significant time commitment, but does require that the volunteer be someone who is already checking their email on a regular (minimum 2-3 times per week) basis.

Registrars are currently serving for class years listed below.

Increase our Alumni participation by volunteering to serve as a Class Registrar!

Registrar List for Little Falls High School

Full nameEmailRegistrar for
Austin Green 2016
Howard (Andy) Sutter 1987
Frank Albrecht 1949
Andrea Babinec 2006
Bart Carrig 1969
Kevin Baum 1990
John Frazier 1967
Beverly Slabe 1969
Joe Lawrence 1979
Brian J. Molinaro 1975
Brianna Nichols 2013
Brittani Day 1995
Cassandra Izzo 2010
Lynn Gorman 1989
David Kaiser 1976
Dave Casullo 1980
Delana Spaulding 2004
Justin DeLuca 1994
David Armstrong 2001
Shirley MacCammon 1953
Erica Daniels 1999
Grayce Papaleo 1965
Rosamond A. Doxtater 1940
James Whitcomb 1977
Jason Gehring 2017
Jessica Barnes 2000
Julie Scarano 2002
Julie Scarano 1928
Jacqueline Lovrin 1992
John Dussault 1970
Karly Buckley 2009
Kharla Gullis 2018
Kristen Hebert 2013
Kimberly Demag 1988
Kathleen Sterzinar 1972
Joseph Lambert 1958
Louis Baum 1954
Lucille Diodati 1960
Lynn Schrader 1964
Debra Kirchofer 1974
Mimi McLaughlin 1982
Marcus Andrews 1991
Martin Babinec 1973
Maureen Baum 1983
Tom Mihevc 1978
Michael Mike 1984
James E. Miller 1943
Monica Wright 1993
Michelle Baum 1981
Nathanael Strange 2017
Nicholas Dudish 1951
Nicole Shepardson 2003
Nadine Brewer 1952
Norma Douglas 1984
Peter Adasek 1957
John DeLuisi 1948
Patricia Sheehan 1959
Robert Pavalock 1962
John Prestopnik 1963
Rose Oliver 1977
Karin Hotaling 1960
Richard Brown 1961
Ruth Schifferdecker 1945
Richard O'Brien 1956
Ryan Cool 1996
Lisa Santopadre 1985
Sarah DeLuca 2008
Sarah Mocko 1997
Emily Scarano 2007
Jenny Scarano 1998
Sean Ward 2015
Shirley Leon 1955
Mitchell Smith 2014
Steven Munger 1986
Rocco Scarano 1968
Stephanie Hadcock 2005
Natasha Massicotte 2019
Taylor Anderson 2012
Tracey Federico 2011
Daryl Wright 1971
Richard Zilkowski 1966

If you are a member of a class not listed above, please consider stepping up to volunteer as a class registrar – or put us in touch with someone you think would be good for this role. Getting your class registrar selected will give you instant access to the directory and help us grow a larger Alumni Network. With greater participation will come the potential for true community wide impact as we work towards achieving goals of the Alumni organization.

Note – Multiple Class Registrars for one class are allowed and encouraged.

Press here for a description of the Class Registrar role.