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Class Reunion Best Practices


  1. Identify minimum of 2-3 people who will share leadership roles. Possible committee heads include:
    1. Communications/class list development;
    2. Food, beverage & facilities; and
    3. Entertainment


  1. Pool initial class list, have LFHS Alumni Network (LFHS AN) Class Registrar load all information to platform, displaying data only for those classmates who have registered on the AN.
    1. Use AN database as central database for class address and contact info.
    2. Request email addresses from class members at every opportunity.
    3. LFHS AN Class Registrar follow-up with non registered classmates encouraging them to register


  1. Identify reunion venue and date – hopefully by April 1 for an August reunion.


  1. Forward reunion date and venue (and any other info available to AlumniLFHS@gmail.com for posting on the AN site. Start a Reunion Forum on the AN site to include basic info. Seed the forum with at least 3 posts from the initial leadership group – this will help generate additional posts and visibility.


  1. Consider setting up a bank account for holding and disbursing class reunion funds. You may choose to have controls such as 2 persons to sign in order to disburse funds, but in any event detailed records and receipts should be kept to show what is behind each deposit and disbursement.


  1. Request AN Class Registrar to forward email to all registered classmates with “save the date” reunion announcement that also directs the classmate to the AN site for more info.
    1. Send postcard or letter announcement to all you have addresses for. Request volunteers to step forward as part of the announcement. Identify specific roles volunteers are needed.
    2. Use AN site as the repository for posting updated reunion developments (e.g. release details over time about food, entertainment, cost, participation updates etc.)


  1. Have 2-3 volunteers involved in further efforts to build out of the class list by locating “lost” classmates. The AN can provide guidance on steps to take to locate addresses. As each lost classmate is identified, ask them what other classmates they are in touch with.   Goal: Addresses for 100% of the graduating class!


  1. Publish reunion announcement in LF Evening Times. Mention contact person and further information is available on the LFHS AN site.


  1. As reunion plans begin to take shape, consider drafting a special communication to local classmates. Our experience has been that for most classes having reunions less than 40 years after graduation, a higher percentage of attendees will be non resident, even though there is a concentration of alumni in the immediate area. As alumni get older, at some point the personal dynamics which impede local residents from attending become less of an issue. Don’t wait for age and maturity to kick in! Showing a critical mass of local alumni attending can help boost the interest of those sitting on the fence. It is also possible to hold a local “pre-event” 2-3 months in advance of the reunion to “break the ice.” This would require extra planning, but can be fun and will likely add to the overall attendance at the reunion.


  1. Schedule reunion committee meetings with 30 days advance notice. Encourage volunteer participation even from non residents. There is a lot that can be done over the phone and email.


  1.  Stage multiple communications to your class list. One announcement by itself will not necessarily trigger the commitment you want. Look to include a new detail or two with each successive announcement. Update AN site to include those new details including in the Forum posts. The more email addresses you have, the easier it is to do communications to the class.


  1.  In initial signup request do not include payment deadline. Save that for the announcement that goes out one month before the reunion. Look to accept payment as soon as possible. The AN can assist in helping you get set up to do online registration to attend the reunion event – including accepting credit card payment.


  1.  Alumni Network contacts:


Julie Scarano, Alumni Coordinator: (315)717-5529, AlumniLFHS@gmail.com

Martin Babinec: (315)823-2682, martin@babinec.com

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