The Class of 2002 reunited to mark 20 years since their High School graduation on Saturday, August 13th at Rock City Centre in Little Falls.  The group enjoyed food and drink from the Canal Side Inn and dessert on behalf of Kimber Scarano.  Class Advisor, Debbie Kuehnle was honored along with English teacher Mrs. Ruth McKenney, who had the pleasure of teaching the class three of their four years of high school.  Highlights of the evening including watching the senior class video, a slideshow of the digitized senior yearbook and sharing many memories and laughs while catching up on the 10 years since their last reunion.

As classmate Julie Scarano Debrossy put it: It seems we’ve started to settle down a little bit – more of us got married, maybe bought a house or two, we could probably fill a school bus with all of the kids between us, we’re all a bit more established in our careers and maybe even have a side hustle or two that we’re passionate about.  We’re more confident in ourselves – maybe not yet as parents, but in who we are, how we want to spend our time and the kind of people we want to be around.  That’s 20 years post High School I think.  But before we know, 30 will be here and most of that school bus full of kids will be heading off to college…starting right out at the point where we all left off.  It does go by pretty fast.  But I do know one thing…you are all the kind of people I will always want to be around…the people who grew up in this small town and appreciate the cozy and safe nest it provided for us.  I’ve lived in NJ for 13 years now, but to me, and I think to all of us, Little Falls will always be home.

Please enjoy the photos below compliments of Hannah Becker and Half Moon Photography.