For those of us who grew up in Little Falls, most will have fond memories of skating at Monroe Street Field, the iconic outdoor skating rink that was wildly popular – small town Americana at its best.   The rink first opened in the 1930s and stayed opened for the next seven decades (closed 20 years ago for various reasons).  However, if there was any year to bring it back, this is it.
Mayor Mark Blask was excited to announce, “The Field will be open all day long, starting on New Years Eve and just like in years past, there will also be night skating — the lights will be on 7 days a week from 5:00PM to 9:00PM – weather dependent with plans to have music as well.”
A plaque will be displayed to recognize George Malavasic who ran and maintained the rink for over 35 years.  According to Mayor Blask, “George organized annual carnivals and made sure every detail was taken care of.  He was instrumental in keeping the rink going for almost four decades and recognizing him is long overdue.”
All expenses associated with the rink are being picked up by the Burrows Foundation.  We thank them greatly and also the Little Falls Historical Society who provided the pictures below – most of which are from the 1940s.
We look forward to seeing our Alumni out on the rink!