The Little Falls High School Class of 1973 held their 30th anniversary class reunion on August 9, 2003 at the Holy Family Parish Hall in Little Falls.

Class members and guests enjoyed renewing acquaintances, reminiscing and sharing an evening of entertainment together.

A welcome reception was supported with beverages provided and served by Manheim Liquors, operated by classmate Debbie Heansel Staring and husband Fred Staring of Little Falls.

School colors of Purple and White were used in decorations throughout the hall. Tables were set with colorful floral arrangements. Pins featuring senior class photos were used as name tags for all class members.

Michelle Clark Marocco greeted attendees with an overview of the evening’s program, including background on a Class of 1973 effort to donate proceeds from the reunion event to LFHS for purchase of outdoor signage at the new outdoor athletic complex.

A family style dinner featuring mixed antipasto, baked chicken, roast beef, ziti, and a variety of vegetables and desserts was served by Ruth Petkovsek and staff.

Martin Babinec provided the class with a brief summary of efforts to launch the Little Falls High School Alumni Network. The Class of 1973 website, constructed for the 30th reunion event, was developed to help lay the foundation for a school wide alumni network. Objectives of the proposed Alumni Network include:

  • Maintaining a secure online directory of alumni that would facilitate life long interaction between LFHS graduates
  • Providing resources that would help in the planning and communication of LFHS class reunions
  • Engaging LFHS alumni, including those that have relocated away from the community, in contributing time and resources towards development of both the Little Falls public school system and local community.

As additional volunteers are identified and funds raised, it is anticipated that a formal non-profit organization will be chartered in support of these goals. Further information about the Alumni Network can be found at

Martin introduced the evening’s keynote speaker, Mr. Patrick Roche, a recently retired LFHS math teacher who was well known to the class.

Mr. Roche provided a brief recap of the current whereabouts of various faculty and administrators from the Class of 1973 time period. He then delivered a stirring address that recalled the educational environment of the class including initial tenancy in the “new school” and the unusually progressive educational curriculum that occurred during the 1970 to 1973 period. A copy of the 1973 Program of Studies was produced and comparisons made with the current curriculum. It was Mr. Roche’s observation that the Class of 1973 had the maximum benefit of the progressive curriculum, which was then sharply curtailed to a more traditional approach shortly thereafter. Mr. Roche concluded his remarks with a reminder that the quality of our school and community is tied to the willingness of individuals to step forward and give of themselves. Little Falls has a proud history of community involvement that will hopefully continue through efforts of the Class of 73 generation.

Live entertainment was provided by the band O2 featuring Tony Campione, Geoff Davis, Kevin Besig and classmate Mark Kaucher. Notwithstanding a hot August evening in an un-air conditioned facility, the Class of 73 showed both spirit and stamina by dancing away until nearly midnight.

After payment of event expenses, net proceeds from the reunion totaled $450. Donation of these funds towards the outdoor signage at the LFHS outdoor athletic complex will be commemorated with acknowledgement as a gift from the Class of 1973.

Classmates attending who currently reside in the Little Falls area include:

Cynthia Alguire Griffin
Mike Bacher
RoseMarie Cannoro Battisti
Diane Deming Smith
Eva Fietkiewicz
Mark Kaucher
Clete McLaughlin
Shawn Reardon
Sue Senft Crimmins
MaryAnne Tomaso Cecconi
Cindy Wren Beacraft

Martin Babinec
Joe Buckley
Michele Clark Marocco
Dave Fox
Deborah Heansel Staring
Kip LaQue
Dan Reardon
Cindy Rumin Mendl
Cindy Terenzetti Campione
Kathy Van Slyke Haberek

Out of town classmates in attendance included:

Kris Balderston, Alexandria, VA
Judy Bonanni Austin, Palantine Bridge, NY
Laura Bonnani Sanford, Bakersfield, CA
Don Chizzonite, Newport, NY
Jean Gerdin, Lafayette, NJ
Dan Haberek, Cazenovia, NY
Ann Heron, Kehei, Maui, HI
Cynthia Kearns Gurley, Cincinnati, OH
Don Knapp, Saquoit, NY
Pat Murphy Griffith, Des Moines, WA
Basil Petras, Dolgeville, NY
Steve Potter, Ballston Lake, NY
Elaine Rovazzi, Essex Falls, NJ
Lynn Siefried Kent, Edmeston, NY
Carol Thomas Rienson, Waverly, PA
Amy Vespasiano Johnson, New York, NY
Valerie Wnuk Murphy, Syracuse NY
Dave Wright, East Longmeadow, MA

Reunion volunteers included Cindy Alguire Griffin, Clete McLaughlin, Debbie Heansel Staring, Elaine Rovazzi, Eva Fietkiewicz, Kathy VanSlyke Haberek, Lynn Siefried Kent, Mark Kaucher, Martin Babinec, Michelle Clark Marocco, RoseMarie Canorro Battisti, and Shawn Reardon. Sue Senft Crimmins coordinated the event as Reunion Committee Chair.