Congratulations to Mark Lawrence (1969) and Al Sefcik (1969) for being inducted into the Alfred University Hall of Fame on Sunday, November 7th, 2021.

In 1968 at Little Falls High School, the football team had a new coach, Mr. Dave McCauley.

According to Class of 1969’s Bob Casullo, “Coach McCauley instilled in us a winning attitude and we finished 4-4 that season, the best record in the 60s for LFHS football.  Because of him, myself, Mark and Al all went on to play football in college and all three of us were inducted into our College Hall of Fame (Brockport, Alfred and Alfred respectively).  I’d like to take this opportunity to speak for Mark, Al and myself to thank all our teammates and especially Coach McCauley for our successes. God Bless Mark and Al and Coach McCauley!”

Bob Casullo – #44 – Pictured front row, second from left.


Mark Lawrence – #70 – pictured far right 2nd row with Al Sefcik – #50 – just to the left of him.

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