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Little Falls, NY – Little Falls, NY – Little Falls is a community that celebrates its traditions while keeping an open mind to new and sometimes unusual ideas. This “Rock City” has welcomed a microbrewery which plans to open later this year, a CrossFit studio downtown, and a newly renovated Canal Side Restaurant, to name a few. Adding to the city’s development is a board game café, unlike anything Little Falls has seen. Meeples Mug House plans to open its doors on Saturday, March 16th and is eager to bring people back to the table… literally.

This retro-style business was in the making more than a year ago under the creative planning of Little Falls resident, Matt Powers, who explains, “I have always had an affinity for playing board games. A dozen or so of my friends have been gathering together for more than a year to enjoy our weekly session of Dungeons and Dragons. Our gaming has brought people together who may have otherwise never met.” Powers continues, “We have found that we share this common interest, despite how different we all are, and I think that is a great example of human connectivity.”

Powers began to envision this experience on a broader scale, beyond Dungeons and Dragons, and felt that there was a need for people to connect through gaming. He discussed his interest with both The Oddlot (his D&D group) and his wife, Laura, who agreed that the community could benefit from a space where people would gather, set aside their electronic devices, and interact directly with one another. Meeples Mug House aims to do just that.

With a modern board game atmosphere in mind, Powers began to imagine his dream venue. Toward the end of 2018, his family approached Happy Waffle to ask them about hosting their twin sons’ birthday party. They discovered that Happy Waffle was planning to close due to the owner’s relocation. After a few more questions, Powers thought he may have found the ideal spot to launch his business.

“I grew up watching my parents work for others and manage their own businesses, so entrepreneurship was not entirely new to me,” explains Powers. With his wife at his side, the couple decided to take the leap and establish Meeples Mug House on East Main Street, Little Falls. According to Laura, “We are fortunate to have full time professions as an educator and financial advisor, and still be able to explore this dream.” She goes on to say, “Matt is a creative spirit who is always seeking to add value to those around him. This is a fun way for him to accomplish that while focusing on the gaming community he loves so much, which is something I support 100%.”

On Saturday, March 16, the couple launches Meeples Mug House which presents a game library including more than 100 unique titles. Additionally, Meeples will offer a variety of café beverages, grilled cheese paninis, soft drinks, soup/chili, and mug cakes. Powers is working toward securing a tavern license to eventually offer craft beer and wine as well. Guests will have the option to explore and play their game library for a cost of $2 with purchase or $4 without. (Kids 8 and younger are only $1) Powers adds, “Whether it’s an outing with friends, an afternoon with family, date night, or special occasion, Meeples Mug House will be a good fit. Stop by before heading to the movies, or dinner at one of the many delicious restaurants in town. Make it a night out in Little Falls!”

Powers knows that not all guests will stay for a game, but he wants to them to enjoy the gaming experience. To make that happen, Meeples will have fun options such as a Magic 8-ball, and patrons will draw from a deck of cards to secure their order. There will also be a “dice cake” on the menu to allow guests to roll the dice and let fate determine which mug cake creation they will enjoy! Powers explains, “As we get our arms around running the day to day business, we will begin creating special themed events, memberships, and party packages, so stay tuned for more about that.” It’s clear that Meeples Mug House holds true to their catchy hashtag of #gamelocal.

Meeples Mug House opens their doors at 598 E Main St, Little Falls on Saturday, March 16 at 2pm. After that, the board game café will be open weekly Thursday 5-9pm, Friday 5-10pm, Saturday 2-10pm, and Sunday 2-8pm. You are invited to follow their Instagram page, “like” them on Facebook, and check out their website