Rock City Rock

King Beats Circa, 1965

King Beats Circa, 1965

Remember When?  Back when you could dance ‘Til The Midnight Hour?  In The Still Of The Night?  Back when there was A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On?  Well now there is a Facebook group where you can not only re-live, but share your memories about the live music scene in Little Falls from the 60’s right up through the present!  The project is intended to be a living document of this era and a source of facts, history and nostalgia that will provide pleasure for everyone.  Join the Facebook group “Rock City Rock” and have the time of your life!  Share your photos and recollections of bands and venues in the Rock City, and enjoy reminiscing with others as we go back to when times were so much simpler!  The Little Falls Historical Society is compiling a written history of rock bands in Little Falls from the 60’s and 70’s and posts to this page may be included in that document.  By posting on the page, you give the Little Falls Historical Society permission to use your post(s) for this purpose.
Please contact John Frazier ( or Mike Walo ( for more information.





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