Our class members coming together proved to be a time of laughter, reminiscing, and the forging of new memories. Everyone enjoyed the company of one another and shared in a fabulous meal prepared by Chef Guy Vespi and hosted by Cindy Vespi and staff.

The program included opening remarks by Class President, Allen Miller, grace, dinner, a memorial to our thirty-three deceased classmates, and the sharing of letters from classmates not in attendance.

Picture of attendees… left to right …Front row…Donna Muhl Schofield, Susan Watts Bates, Teddie Bladek Colorito, Joanna DeLorenzo VanGorder, John Prestopnik….Middle row …Donald Edmunds, Victor Leskovar, Roger Staring, Georgiana Schuyler Fernandes, James Gilbo, Allen Miller…Back row…Frederick Teall, David Suits, Keith Donnolly, William Peet, and Donald Brown


Class President, Allen Miller and Reunion committee…left to right Donna Muhl Schofield,Teddie Bladek Colorito and Joanna DeLorenzo VanGorder.


Memorial table honoring deceased…

Classmates deceased after 55th reunion(2021-2018): Claudia Talaba Wieliczka, Ronald J Klimacek, William Durisek, John D Vickery Sr, Anthony DeRosa, Alice Bundyk Nichols

Classmates deceased  after 50th reunion(August 2017-2013): Theresa Gardner, Barbara Munn, Cassandra Walters Brown, Gino Franchi, Allen Kozial, George Lynch, Richard Munger, Betty Jean Krupa Matteson, Alfred Munger, Rocco Lamanna, Barbara Gaworecki Mosney

Classmates deceased prior to 50th reunion(2012-1962): Linda Irving Cope.Theodore Pasquale, Carol Dillon Kane, Edward Cigale, Carol Marko Pueschel, Thomas Zawtocki, William Sivack, Allen Seifried, John Murray, Bernard Mlinar, Bruce McCully, James Crimmins, Paul Cizik, Gary Chapadeau, Donna Brown, and Nancy Hessler who passed a year before graduation