Jan. 16th


Olga, young daughter and only child of Dr. and Mrs. K. A. Bushnell, died at her home of malignant measles. An immense, beautiful monument, fashioned after a recent photo of Olga and her dog, adorns the family burial plot in Church Street Cemetery.


The Little Falls Electric Light and Power Company and the Little Falls Gaslight Company have consolidated under the name of the United Gas and Electric Company of Little Falls.


The National Herkimer County Bank in Little Falls has been fortunate in having been designated a depository of United States internal revenue funds.


The Little Falls Maennerchor has purchased the Stephan A. Ingham property on South Ann Street and, after alterations and improvements, will endeavor in make it one of the finest homes belonging to any organization in the Mohawk Valley.

Jan. 17th


Mrs. Cornelia Moore, one of the best known African-American residents of the section and a resident of Little Falls for over 60 years, has passed away. She was honored and esteemed by all who knew her. Active in the affairs of the A.M.E. Zion church, she was one of the best known cateresses in the Mohawk Valley. 


Ninety-five year old Martin Burney of Little Falls, Herkimer County’s last veteran of the Civil War, died today in Richmond, Virginia. Mr. Burney’s body will arrive in Little Falls tomorrow and will be met by an American Legion honor guard. Burial will be in the Fairview cemetery.

Jan. 18th


The Aldermen voted $2,500 to equip a company of Home Guards and the members also raised $1,900. Remington single-shot rifles and equipment was purchased and they drilled at the Y.M.C.A.  Captain Guy Beardslee of East Creek, a retired army officer, was their commander.


The Little Falls Sesquicentennial Corporation, after conducting a hugely successful celebration during the summer of 1961, has been dissolved. Monies left over after the festivities were completed, amounting to $ 13,202.57 were donated to the Little Falls Hospital Building Fund by Dr. Fred C. Sabin who was general chairman of the program.



At Jacob Zoller’s packing house on Main Street, car load after car load of fresh porkers arrive to be cut up, salted and smoked. It’s not an area where one wants to be on a hot summer’s day.


In  “Hints for the Motorist” in the Automotive section of the Evening Times, advice was given to motorists on: windshield wiper repair, clutch lubrication and slippage, wheel bearing trouble, cold proofing rear-axle lubrication, cylinders won’t fire, engine won’t start, and fan belt noise.


Cale Developers of Herkimer have been chosen to develop the two-block Urban Renewal area known as the “Downtown Project” bounded by Main, Second, Albany, and William streets at an estimated cost of $1,300,000. They are to develop the property and to sign up tenants. Local cost is $195,000.


Pfc. Donald Coffin, while serving in Vietnam, died alongside two fellow soldiers when a projectile, most likely a Russian 122mm rocket, went through the ground and up into the bunker at base camp in Cu Chi.

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