May 22nd


The local press stated “Notwithstanding the hard times, failures and war rumors, our dairymen are hurrying forward their produce.” The streets of Little Falls were crowded with wagons as farmers shipped 1087 boxes of cheese weighing 70,503 pounds at the depot. Farmers and buyers made their bargains along South Ann Street by the bank building.

May 23rd


The State sold the basin, bounded by South Ann and East Mill streets, (Clinton Park) to the village for one dollar. The basin had used the Inland Canal as a feeder, and was connected to the Erie Canal via the Aqueduct so boats could satisfy the needs of the “North-Side” merchants. The old Inland Canal was gradually filled in. The people continued to use what was once the basin as a dump.


The handsome new home of Irving E. Stacey on Waverly place is about completed and Mr. and Mrs. Stacey have begun moving into it. It is a fine ornament to that locality. Currently, it is the home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Babinec.


Hallinan Bros. have completed their contract of blasting and leveling the rock on the five acre plot on east Burwell Street. The “Girvan Square,” as it is called, is to provide a playground for the city. The rock will have a covering of dirt and will then be level and well adapted for baseball and other sports. The contractors receive $600 for the job.


There were a wide variety of exhibits by local businesses and manufacturers at the “Know Your City “ Show at the high school gymnasium. More than 3,000 residents and 1,000 students filed through the elaborate and comprehensive displays.

May 24th


The verdict was against the 18th amendment as the anti-prohibitionists carried the city by a 2003 to 188 vote for repeal of the Dry Law.


In a letter read at Sunday Masses at St. Mary’s Church, it was made known that the high school department of St. Mary’s Academy will be closed at the end of the current school year.

May 25th


Thirty-four carloads of German emigrants, nearly 2,000 persons, passed west through here today. It was the largest emigrant train over the road so far this year.


The Fire Department moved to their present quarters in the recently built City Hall.


Former Supreme Court Justice Abram Zoller, who had served on the Fifth Judicial District bench for 28 years died at his home. He was previously Herkimer County judge and surrogate and mayor of his native Little Falls.


Long time city resident, and City Historian for over 40 years, Edwin Vogt passed away today. Ed served as a Herkimer County Legislator, was civic minded and was a very articulate poetry writer and publisher.

May 26th


LABOR WANTED – some people who are in want of both work and money, will be interested to know that Mr. Buxton is at the hotel to hire two hundred teams to draw material on the line of the Mohawk and Hudson Railroad, and for 500 laborers to prepare stone etc.


Several boys were brought before Police Justice Dasey for violating one of the village by-laws by playing baseball on Sunday. Four pleaded guilty and were fined two dollars each, while the remainder preferred to stand trial. The examination was frequently interrupted by the disorderly conduct of some of the spectators.


Work on the big lock has been completed, and it is in working order, as several fleets in addition to a large number of pleasure craft have successfully passed through it. Currently, it takes one-half hour for passage.


The Mack Fire Truck arrived in Little Falls. It was “a complete fire department on wheels,” weighing eight tons, with a four cylinder, seventy horse power motor. It was first used to fight a fire on June 3rd.

May 27th


Mr. and Mrs. General Tom Thumb and Commodore Nutt and Minnie Warren, who have attracted attention throughout the world, will give two entertainments at Keller Hall. It is a rare opportunity for the citizens of Little Falls to see these little people. Admission 25 cents, children 10.


The new Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church on Petrie Street was dedicated today.


The salaries of rural mail carriers in Little Falls and around the country may be slashed 10%, and many would be terminated if the proposed measure is approved by President Herbert Hoover. 


Linda Vincent, president of Canal Place Development Association and Mayor Roger Stock presided over the opening of the walkway over the hydroelectric plant which leads to Moss Island and Lock 17.

May 28th


The Little Falls Volunteer Corps, through partnerships with local nonprofits and businesses, has spent more than 120 hours on coordinating and delivering meals to hundreds of residents, providing summer meals for kids, and distributing more than 2,000 masks during the coronavirus outbreak.

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