Sep. 12th


President Martin Van Buren arrived in Little Falls in a barouche drawn by four white horses to the applause and cheering of a large crowd of citizens. After a speech and festivities, Van Buren spent the evening at the Lansing residence at 22 Church Street. He left behind his red night cap which is now a treasured souvenir of the Lansing family.


Before a large gathering, the cornerstone ceremony was held for the majestic Masonic Temple to be built at the corner of Prospect and Church Streets. The architect, William Neil Smith, cited the French Medieval Period as his inspiration for the structure on a hillside overlooking the beautiful Mohawk Valley.


Today has been proclaimed as “Francis J. Bellamy Day” in honor of the author of our National Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, who served as a Baptist minister in Little Falls from 1879 to 1885. A Bronze tablet on a boulder was placed in the park named for him on East Gansevoort Street.


Ted Wind, a lifelong Little Falls resident, and mayor of Little Falls for over 30 years and a Herkimer County Legislator for 10 years, passed away. He is remembered most for helping to keep Little Falls Hospital open and a part of Bassett Healthcare, and spearheading the development of the Veterans Memorial sports complex. He was on the LFHS undefeated 1948 football team.

Sep. 15th


The first newspaper published in Little Falls, the “People’s Friend”, by Edward Griffing, was printed in Mechanic’s Hall on Main Street, and later at the brick house on Garden Street at the head of Mary Street.


The boat “The Champion” left her dock at Little Falls for Troy with a mammoth load: 1944 boxes of cheese, 43 cases of cheese, 3 boxes of woolens, and 1 box of leather. The cargo weighed 150,561 pounds and the toll was $56.50.


One of the oldest and most honored citizens of Little Falls, Judge Arphaxed Loomis, passed away. Born in 1798 in Connecticut, he moved to to Salisbury as a young boy in 1803. Long prominent in local affairs, he ranked among the foremost men in the State, and was an acknowledged leader in shaping its course as the Empire State. Arphaxed Loomis, is remembered most for his successful efforts in forcing the Ellice Estate to sell their holdings in Little Falls. He was village president (1831-1836,) County Judge, member of the NYS Assembly, and member of Congress. He built his home at 676 East Main Street in 1832.


A memorial service for all churches in the city was held for President William McKinley at the Skinner Opera House. McKinley had been assassinated nine days earlier in Buffalo, New York.


New officers were installed for the Little Falls Bocce League. Charlie Raiello, Ugo Taverni, and John Casullo took over the reins from Lou Colangelo and Paul Terenzetti.  The local bocce ball courts are located at the Veterans Memorial Park complex.


A flotilla enroute to Rochester for the 2010 World Canals Conference stopped in Little Falls today. The flotilla is made up of pleasure and tour boats, as well as several historic and operational vessels from the New York State Canal Corporation.

Sep. 16th


The boat “Hon. Titus Sheard” took a party of sixteen couples on a moonlight excursion to Frankfort. Music and refreshments were served on board to enliven and add sociability to the occasion, followed by a supper for the party in Frankfort. The return was made when the moon brightened the water.


Little Falls Fire Chief Edward Cooney is in New York City to attend a meeting of the National Association of Fire Chiefs.  Cooney was selected to represent New York State as a Vise-President in the national association.


Little Falls came together when 2,000 people attended a candlelight vigil at Veterans Memorial Park to honor the thousands who lost their lives during the 9-11 attack on the Twin Towers in New York City. The memorial service was brought together by Robin Klimacek and Bev Lamanna.

Sep. 17th


Alexander Ellice had purchased land from Warrener Deygerth and Jost  Herkimer Jr., lots 12 and 13 of the Burnetsfield Patent  at the little falls in 1773, and  on September 17, 1774 contracted with Ebenezer Cox to build a mill and millhouse at that place.


Little Falls Lodge # 181 Free & Accepted Masons was formed with eight men in attendance. They first met in rooms above a store at the corner of Main and Ann Streets.


At the Battle of Antietam, the 34th Regiment made up of Little Falls and Herkimer County soldiers, lost 43 killed and 74 wounded.


A large band of gypsies are encamped west of the village. Their men traded horses and the women told fortunes and sold bric-a-brac.

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